Tuesday, December 26, 2006

When Cats Wanna Have Fun

Cats wanna have fun all the time.

Girls Having Fun

Listen to their conversations in Cat's language.

Cat1: She must have hidden it here somewhere.
Cat2: (groans) uhm
Cat1: Wanna help me?
Cat2: (Groans) I do not know even have a clue what you're looking for.
Cat 1: It's the edible panty, silly.
Cat 2 (Burps) (thought baloon) so that's it and I thought, she was just hiding sweets in her drawer of undies. (Burps again).



slskenyon said...

I watched this, and I love the expression on the other cat's face--the "I have no idea what the hell that one's doing" look. It seems that the mission was to get into the drawer, which was ultimately accomplished.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for all these videos and pics about cats. I have 2 cats at home and I love them very much. They are very funny, and are like the videos and pics you show on your site.