Friday, September 01, 2006


After dark all cats are leopards. -- Native American Proverb

What are you looking at? Can't you not believe what you're seeing.



Loretta said...

I wish I had a leopard in my backyard- raccoons and squirrels are eating my tomatoes and figs!

Nika said...

that is an asian leopard cat--illegal as a pet in the u.s. (as far as i know), but bengal cats (domestic) are bred from them and retain some of their beautiful markings. and i just got a bengal kitten--she is all over my blog, i can't believe i stumbled into your blog from the "blogs of note"--it's so perfect!

SM said...

in Portugal we have the saying
"à noite todos os gatos são pardos", which literally means "at night all cats are grey".. but the important point of the saying is not that they are grey, but that they are all that same colour at night.. it has a biological explanation of course but it's also applicable to a number of social situations ;)
it just came to my mind because it's strikingly similar to your quote... notice that the word "pardos" is almost "leopardos"! interesting, huh?