Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Grace before Meals


Maorod said...

Hey, I love your blog.

Cats are my pasion, I love them a lot, every kind of them, Thanks for your images and your posts, it makes me so happy when I saw it.


Jx said...

This made me laugh. We've got two cats (Rosie and Kink) which are generally (affectionatly) called the Tykes cos they're well naughty!! Cheers for brightening up my day. BTW - wonder who's going to eat who in this last pic?

Demether said...

Hi there,
Your blog is great, the pictures are so funny!!
Thanks for the goog that I had!!

Bill said...

Your blog is really cool!! The wife and I both love cats.
This is a dynamite blog you have here. We love the photos and the cats sayings.
Makes my blog the pits for sure.
Love your cats and kitties.

Jaala said...

most commonly said things by cats:

1)"Human, i demand you feed me now!"
2)"what are you looking at!"
3)"i am going to sit here, unmoving till you give me that pieace of tasty chicken you try to coax me with; i have more patience than you anyhow."